Are you looking for capital or knowledge


The capitalist system will show its tendency to show us all as losers. 
Right now we get to a point dotted - we can not generate money for you or we do not need you anymore. And the capitalist ideology is selective - to make room for fewer and fewer of us on the payroll. 
One of the things that becomes clearer and clearer to time - the communities that generate results. The share knowledge, influence with others is valuable for us as human beings. 
When - if ever - we say or we have all come to our lips. Is it disingenuous. Knowledge and human experience must be given in terms of money, but the human dimension can not be measured in money. And for many it is also a sour experience - that in a capitalist system - is good ideas at one time or another in the capital's pocket. 

To define socialism - is to share - for the benefit of the community. 
I believe that we all have something to contribute. And that capitalism neglésere this a philistine argument you have social reputation. 

We're about to leave the old world. 
Using the Internet to knowledge and patents will be available to all. And products become transparent to everyone. 
Education and the workplace is not the future framework for the top room of values nd profits. This will be done in groups and associations that can be worked and put his forces in the issues that are most important and not to maintain a structure that is in favor of capital. 

If it receives sense not to engage in a sick world. Do you see his victims and lack of opportunities to unfold as a perminent strike against the degradation of the world.

The Color Green

Green color The color green is a series of pictures - with a little edge - orbiting color 


Based on a photo series taken in the spring of Fælledparken. Have I 

worked to get the color green to manifest itself in all its diversity. 

The idea is to try to reproduce the feeling of spring and summer come. the 

In other and, of images that have been processed through the program 


The six images have the dimensions 100 cm x 140 cm and stand in a circle around the 

The bunker.