Psychiatry as a picture of the surrounding society.

24 July any year

It goes without saying well or and surely do not!

The humanity and Christian compassion inherent in the hospital context. To be seen as an expression of historical and Danish. Specifically, the hospital and it should be cherished as it also has its beettigelse and is a fact of its omlæggendes inhuman beauty treatment of each other - and we can not be aware of. Even less here than abroad ....

Are we sick, we cured. Cuba has vaccine for cancer. Germans have for ten years experimenting with vaccine - almost. It is important that we recognize that we are an experiment that is our fate in the hands of others. So you can call it two cigarettes a day, or a Free PN. Smoke or Queen Ingrid Chesterfield. However, in Arabic the meaning of the hospital as it is known in European culture, there is talk about the Somatic suffering after treatment regreer to rebuild its strength or comfort to the level that was before the disease and thereby cured the benefit of all. Just as everyone is aware of any that apply to everyone in Denmark and forever.

The reason I write about Somatic and physical disorders is that it is precisely this lack of humanity in Danish hospitals, which also cardiologist at University Hospital have mentioned - Gøsta Petersson. Is that so he chose to go to the USA where money and not as in the Danish humanity that translates into Lutheran judgment a la Augustinsborgske creeds. So we Lutter or with Luther Ears with the crowns there is to see in a country that once and maybe once again come to lie under tree cover and not the crowns we have in your pocket or and the thoughts we have on the head.

I know this is a difficult album to not call it a proposal as it indeed is. But if everything goes wrong, we have the Frederik to take care of that we can be maintained as conservation values  in the range luxury A. For the future.

Auken have touched on another problematil about distribution of property in an article in Politiken. How Americans - Those assholes - Pardon moi Francaiche a la creme Franch. Has taken together Maersk - The even bigger asshole Excuse my Danish. Not to mention the prospect and comparable situation between war between france here specialt written in small print. Did anyone Danish nobility men enriched themselves at the expense fleet parallel is striking ....

Anyhow belong Oil Denmark as it is Danish soil. And that thought I was in this context is the following. Keep half for posterity by the law on nature conservation as the one fighting for economical connections does not pay as an example so that everyone understands it is to let Maersk like a Christian defeat economical connections for the benefit of law ect